Together with Antwerp@C, Carbon Connect Delta Project, Essenscia and North-C Methanol the Benelux Business Roundtable has sent its position to the Dutch and Flemish Ministers of Finance, ahead of their summit on November 4th 2020

The European Commission has increased its 2030 target for CO2 emission reduction, with the European Parliament aiming even higher. The increased target will lead to intense discussion between member states in the months to come on technical feasibility, social consequences and funding.

These discussions also concern the business community if it is to develop, co-finance, execute and manage industrial clean energy transition projects through cross sector and cross border collaboration between companies.The BBR supports the EU’s ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2050. However, this target is only achievable if very substantial progress is made in this decade

 A well-executed CCUS approach for the whole Benelux region will unlock the tremendous potential of the entire Benelux region to become a lighthouse for the clean energy transition.

To find out how the Benelux could unlock this potential, please read more in the letter “The Case for CCUS in the Benelux”