Over the last 4 months BBR-members representing different sectors of industry and geographies, assisted by an external consultancy firm, have worked on the attached Masterplan “How Benelux’s industry and power sector can become carbon neutral by 2050”.

 The plan has identified the common interests and challenges of the industrial & power sector in the Benelux if we want to reach the 2030 and 2050 targets:

  • the development of  an open access cross border infrastructure for the transport of CO2  and green energy of sufficient scale and scope;
  • regulatory convergence;
  • access to public and private funding to support realistic business cases;
  • optimal solutions to assure best use of scarce financial resources and increase of social acceptance.

 Our plan has received unanimous support from all BBR members, represented by their CEO’s (https://www.beneluxbusinessroundtable.org/members/) and a number of individual companies and consortia such as Smart Delta Resources, essenscia, Port of Antwerp and the Hydrogen Import coalition. Most of the companies have large interests in the Benelux and in particular in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This united voice from industry can form the basis for an ambitious Benelux project to lead the Energy transition in Europe with maximum CO2 reduction impact at the lowest possible cost. Intense collaboration with regional, national and European policy makers policy makers is an absolute and urgent necessity.


To find out more, please read BBR’s Masterplan: How Benelux’s industry and power sector could become carbon neutral by 2050