The Benelux Business Roundtable (“BBR”) was constituted on 1 July 2015. It comprises business leaders of some of the largest companies (in terms of employment, contribution to GDP and investment) in the Region as well as knowledge partners. The BBR is expected to steadily grow, representing all relevant sectors of economic activity in the Benelux Region.


  1. Its members are united in their belief that acceleration of cross border collaboration is crucial to assure growth and prosperity in one of the most dynamic regions of Europe. This acceleration should not be limited to the Benelux Region but the Benelux should be a driving force.
  2. Its natural partnership, based on common features of geography, history, culture, economic profile and formalized in the Benelux treaty, provides the three countries with a unique opportunity to realize on a smaller scale but at a faster pace many of the ambitions of the European project.
  3. By harmonizing rules and regulations, using economies of scale, suppressing unnecessary barriers and bottlenecks and developing a clear strategic view on its position in Europe and the world, the Benelux region can show the way to Europe on how to overcome national reticence to an ever closer union, when clear and tangible benefits are realized for citizens and companies.

Mission & Objectives

The BBR’s mission is to serve as a platform for businesses in the Benelux region. Together we identify areas where, from a business perspective, closer collaboration and integration is required. In case political action is considered necessary, we promote recommendations to political leaders at national and EU level.

Work method

The members will convene at least twice a year to set the agenda of issues to be studied, discuss progress and approve the issuance of “position papers”, communication and promotion of recommendations.

The BBR will create working groups for each topic stemming from their internal organization which take responsibility for the drafting of position papers to be proposed to the BBR. The members will work with the competent services in their own organizations and the knowledge partners relying essentially on their own in-house data and expertise.

Daily management of the BBR is assured by the executive chairman.