On June 16th, the Benelux Parliament approved the recommendation on self-driving cars done by the Commission on Finance and Mobility. The recommendation covers (cross-border) 5G connectivity which is necessary for self-driving cars but will benefit other sectors too in the Benelux. Furthermore, the recommendation covers the establishment of a Benelux Data Warehouse and the presence of black boxes in self-driving cars.

The BBR welcomes the approval of the text, which has been largely inspired by BBR’s preparatory work, as acknowledged in the introduction of the recommendation. The introduction of self-driving cars will lead to better mobility, a decrease of traffic casualties and acceleration of economic growth for the Benelux region.

Eric ter Hark, chairman of the BBR: “The approval of this recommendation is the result of excellent collaboration between Benelux business and Benelux policy makers. It serves as a good example and bodes well for future endeavors in the areas of Infrastructure, Digitization and Energy”

National ministers of the Benelux shall now react to the recommendation within six months.

The BBR looks forward to the implementation of the recommendation by the Benelux governments allowing Benelux to also be a frontrunner in the domain of self-driving cars.