A regional Benelux collaboration within the common EU framework could be an ideal first step towards the ultimate ambition of a European Energy Union. This regionalization will not be about creating new borders around Benelux, but about strengthening the relationship between the European and national levels; it will be fully in line with previous and current efforts such as the Pentalateral Energy Forum; and it will be about leveraging the vast advantages of neighbourhood, conducting pilot projects, and testing new solutions on regional grounds in order to facilitate the delivery of the European Energy Union.

We believe a “Benelux Energy Union” is an essential step forward for our energy system towards delivering on climate goals and renewables commitments while maintaining security of supply at affordable costs to consumers and industries.

The Whitepaper by the BBR serves as a discussion catalyser on the role of the Benelux for the energy transition in Europe. Learn more about the concrete proposals to achieve this in our BBR Energy White Paper

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