Within the EU and after retreat of the UK, the Benelux region represents its 4th economic power. Protection of this position is vital for the economic prospects of the three countries.

The Benelux is the European region most affected by Brexit. Disruption of trade relations with the UK will disproportionally affect the trade balances for goods and services of our three countries. Frontier frictions will clog our transport and logistical systems and thus negatively impact our role as Gateway to Europe. These consequences have all convincingly be documented by the national federations of employers. The BBR fully endorses their conclusions.

The Benelux Business Roundtable (BBR) believes that finding the right balance between diminishing the Brexit-damage at national level, while maintaining the integrity of the EU- single market requires a Benelux approach.

The BBR therefor urges politics and business to use the full leverage of the Benelux economy, by taking, where possible, a Benelux instead of a national stance, in line with the new Benelux-Treaty, destined to extend and accelerate cross-border cooperation towards a more integrated common market and economic union while maintaining its pioneering role for further European integration.

Benelux Business Roundtable